About Nobon

Lian Tadbir Iranian Kish Construction Company was established in 2017. In 2019, with the participation of several construction activists in Kish Island, they started building 3 apartment projects at the same time, each of them on a plot of land with an area of 520 square meters in Nobonyad area of Phase 3.

Also, in 2020, the company continued the construction of an unfinished villa project, which is located in the villa area F3.

Following the civil and construction activities, this company started the construction project of 37 unit residential complex in the area of 2500 square meters in 2021 with the new name Nobon Kara Abniye Kish and by purchasing land in Mir Mohana town, phase A2.

About Nobon Activities

Nobon, with a team of experts and experienced, provides architectural design and implementation services with different applications:

  • Public Building
  • Office Building
  • Commercial Building

  • Apartment and Residential Complex
  • Villa
  • Interior Design

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